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The Balcony Day 4
Thursday 22nd May, 2008
By: Mike Werner
Location: Normandy, France
Category:  House 

Today, they finished most of the "infrastructure" of the balcony, and can not go any further, since the company who's making the balcony hasn't finished the stairs nor the railing.

This morning they finished the balcony part.


This is the view towards the garage. You can see the hole where the tree should grown through.


This is with my back to the garage. At the end of the balcony is where the stairs will be placed.


The dogs took very careful steps, in the beginning not trusting the handy work. But after 10 minutes they were already chasing each other on the balcony, and fell at home.


The pillars were nicely finished, including cement in the color of the house and cottage, so it all blends in nicely.


and here I'm sitting on a deck chair surveying our domain.... it really feels nice over here...

The rest will hopefully be finished towards the end of next week, except the door, since there's a 6 week delay.

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